AutosOnShow continue successful roll out across the BMW and MINI network

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BCA company AutosOnShow and BMW/MINI continue to successfully roll-out the AutosOnShow app across the network with over 150 retailers now using the service.

The roll-out commenced earlier this year and the jointly-developed imaging strategy has significantly improved the quality of image collateral across the BMW/MINI digital estate.

AutosOnShow simplifies capturing video and imagery of vehicle stock, displaying the assets instantly on digital platforms, all uploaded from a single smartphone or tablet device.  The easy-to-use mobile app enables users to capture a perfect video walkaround of every vehicle, complete with professional and consistent images.

The BMW/MINI retailers using the AutosOnShow app also benefit from the AutosOnShow repurposing solution which enables retailers to immediately receive high quality, consistent imagery when they purchase vehicles directly from BMW/MINI. 

MINI used car   BMW used car

Patrick Anderson, Used cars, BMW/MINI AUC Programme Executive, commented “The results are there for all to see, with a significant uplift on the imaging quality across our website.  These improvements are great testimony to the imaging strategy we have developed in conjunction with AutosOnShow.”

“The roll out has run very smoothly and we are significantly further on than we expected to be at this point, despite the impact of Covid-19.  AutosOnShow have expertly managed the roll-out across the BMW/MINI network and we really do appreciate their considerable effort in supporting this initiative.” 

Anderson added “The BMW/MINI network has also adopted AutosOnShow’s unique image repurposing service that turns wholesale images into retail ready retailer images.  It is a slick and effective solution to getting retail stock online quickly and efficiently and has been hugely positive for our retailers.”

When speaking with one of the retailers, Chris Sparks from Halliwell Jones, he said “I’d just like to say that the customer support we have received from AOS has been absolutely outstanding! The technical support has been superb and I have received positive feedback from all the users.“

Jonathan Higham, Managing Director of AutosOnShow commented “We are delighted to be working with BMW/MINI to deliver this effective imaging solution. The roll out has been extremely successful so far and we are providing our full support to ensure BMW/MINI have high quality, consistent imagery across the whole network.”

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