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LifeOnShow.TVís online video portal enters the automotive industry
94% of car buyers use the internet at some point when planning their purchase (Google), the Trade Centre Wales is leading the way online with its new multiple video portal.

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LifeOnShow.TVís online video portal enters the automotive industry

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Our sister company, AutosOnShow.TV’s who is creating a successful presence in the automotive industry, has recently integrated LifeOnShow.TV technology to provide automotive giant ‘The Trade Centre Wales’ their very own online TV portal. The trend to embrace video technology and grow online audiences is on the rise by car dealers in a bid to compete with others and increase sales.

The largest used car supermarket in Wales is the latest in the marketplace to adopt the use of multi video platforms, streaming several videos from their home webpage. Trade Centre Wales uses their video portal to highlight various classifications of vehicles, offer aftersales help, and provide sales information.

Mike Harper, Web Manager for The Trade Centre Wales commented ‘We aim to echo the success of our radio adverts through our online presence. Our new video portal helps us do this extremely well and have been pleased with the results! The system is very easy for us to use so we can keep it update to date regularly. The next stage for Trade Centre Wales is to add more and more videos creating an enhanced online community for our customers and of course potential customers.’
Trade Centre Wales video portal

There is alot of press at the moment that the future of TV Website stats following video portal updateis online, and with the latest developments in bandwidth speeds, it looks very much like a possibility. The advantages of using an interface with several TV-like 'channels' includes creating a fresh sense of engagement on arrival to the website and benefits from a sleeker appearance than traditional ‘still’ websites. Google Analytics software showed that the average time spent by visitors on the Trade Centre Wales website had actually increased by 139% since the video portal had been added. Engagement figures increased (measured by a decrease in bounce-rates) showing the number of people immediately leaving the site after visiting the home page, dropping by a huge 44%.

Benefits of using a dedicated, professional video streaming platform like AutosOnShow.TV as opposed to uploading to the heavily self-promoted, viral-filled website YouTube, means the copyright of the videos remains with the car dealer itself. The inclusion of the online portal can also facilitate an increase in web traffic through allowing video sharing to friends and family via multiple social networking websites and presents a much more corporate,
commercial online shop for potential customers.

Combining several videos on one site into ‘playlists’ of videos is an effective revenue generating tool that allows videos to be sandwiched by paying advertisers. Alternatively channels can communicate various marketing messages such as welcoming the visitor to the website or giving your customer an insight into the feel of the business.

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