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We Won! Canmol Marketing Awards 2011
LifeOnShow.TVís marketing team pick up prestigious Canmol Marketing Award for their work on AutosOnShow.TV

VeggieVision.TV gets the nod from the Vegetarian Society
LifeOnShow.TVís yummiest clients VeggieVision.TV have been propelled to new levels of success with their initiation in to the Vegetarian Society.

Video Helps the Radio Star!
Radio Station Wave 105 to use LifeOnShow.TV to stream all their video content on their website.

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Video Administration

So how are you going to manage your videos? And the answer is Ďeasilyí.

The Video Administration area is extremely intuitive and has been developed for non technical users. The development team have taken a complex process and transformed it in to an easy step by step process that can be followed by anyone.

All you need to do is obtain the video you wish to put up onto your online video portal. You donít have to worry what format the video is in, the system will take care of it for you. Sometimes you hear people saying that it has to be an .flv file or a .swv well this isnít anything that you need to worry about, as you can have any video format.


Video Channels

From within the Video Administration area you will be able to structure your portal by setting up channels, an example of this could be Nightlife, Restaurants or Places to Visit but there are many many more and it just depends on what you would like to offer your visitors. Once the channels are in place you can start adding videos to each channel. They may be advertisements, informational videos, interviews etc. You may then decide to add short adverts in front or at the end of the particular videos. This is called topping and tailing.

You can also decide which videos you would like to have closer to the top of the list, which are known as bronze, silver and gold listings.

Make your own video teaser

There is also additional functionality that will easily allow you to pick a little teaser section from each of the videos to play in the listings. The beginning of a video may not always be the best to demonstrate what the video is about, so you can simply click on another part of the video as the starting point and select the end point of your own teaser.

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