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How Sport on Show.TV can generate revenue

Sport on Show.TV has been developed to not only provide video information but also allow for a revenue stream to be generated through programming, sponsorship and advertising routes.

Making you money!

Normally streaming video online can be very costly; however, we are able to provide very competitive rates for our clients.

On top of this, we have created a streaming media system that actually makes you money while you are streaming videos to your fans.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities

We have developed many features within the system to allow you to offer a number of opportunities to your advertisers and sponsors.

Each channel or program can be sponsored with either video or banner sponsors or both. Each channel and program can also have a banner sponsor plus video adverts to “Top & Tail” each of the programs.

Each part of the sponsorship can be charged for; allowing additional revenue to build up much in the same way as radio or traditional TV channel advertising would operate.

Programs can also be charged for, as these could contain genuine information that would benefit both the club and the program author. The “Top & Tail” sponsor will pay to be seen around your information video.

Please see our bullet point list below of just some of the ways in which you can generate revenue and remember we have developed this system in-house so if you think of anything else you would like us to add please feel free to let us know.

  • Total player sponsorship
  • Channel sponsorship
  • Program sponsorship (topping and tailing)
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold programme listings
  • Banner advertising


To find out more about how to make your Online TV Portal create an inward revenue stream for your sports club, just give us a call on 08700 760 761 or email us at

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